Cyberpunk 2077: Automatic Love Main Mission Guide

You get this mission after meeting with Takemura in the Playing For Time main mission.

Call Judy (Optional)

You automatically get Judy Alvarez’s contact along with the mission, so open up your phone and call her.

This does absolutely nothing for you (the game has already told you to go to Lizzie’s Bar) so you can skip this if you’re not interested in the dialogue.

Find Evelyn at Lizzie’s Bar


Meet with Judy

Head inside Lizzie’s Bar after a quick chat with Mox.

Don’t miss the “A Family of Empire” shard just after you walk through the double doors.

Judy tells you Evelyn is a doll who used to work at Clouds, the address of which is in her cigarette case.

Take the cigarette case / Leave Lizzie’s Bar

As you get outside, a mysterious Mr. Hands will call you and tell you to give him a call if you’re looking for Pacifica jobs.

Go to Megabuilding H8

After you leave Lizzie’s Bar, Johnny Silverhand will be standing across the street in front of a massive graffiti piece.

You will get The Magician tarot card and unlock the Fool on the Hill side job, which involves finding the remaining 19 tarot cards.

Take the elevator to Clouds

Head to Clouds in the evening

Check in at the Clouds reception

Deposit your weapons

Go into booth 9

Join the doll in the booth

Ask the doll about Evelyn

The doll tells you to find Tom in the VIP area.

Get inside the VIP area

This is where things get tricky, and likely why you’re here. Here’s how to get inside the VIP area without any dramas.

Wait for the altercation between the bouncer and the patron to settle down, and one of the bouncers to go to the bathroom. Otherwise, he’ll spot you where you shouldn’t be.

Follow him into the bathroom, take him down and grab his VIP token.

As you exit the bathroom, take a right and go through the door which requires a Technical Ability of 5.

In this room:

  • Grab the two grenades, these will be handy later
  • There’s also a box on the shelf you can move to find an access point to datamine
  • There’s a high voltage box which you can disable, though we’re not sure what this does

On the way out, there’s a door to your left that you can force open if you have 7 body points.

This isn’t our preferred route into the VIP area, but it’s still well worth going in for the loot.

Go down the hallway, take out the employee and grab the Knife (Epic) from the case.

Behind a door which requires 7 Technical Ability to open you’ll find:

  • Armadillo Clothing Mod which increases armour by 37.92
  • Crusher Power Shotgun (Common)
  • Rifle ammo

At this point, you can take the elevator up the stairs to the VIP area, but our preferred route is going back to the stairs where the altercation was earlier. Now that you have the VIP token, you can just walk straight up.

Find Tom / Ask Tom about Evelyn

This part is optional, though the game doesn’t tell you.

It’s actually preferable to skip, as there are fewer enemies to avoid in the next area.

If you’d like to skip it, just past the “Watson Whore” Diary shard, there’s a door in the corner of the VIP area.

We suggest you run through here and shut the door before the second guard from the altercation downstairs comes up and stands directly out the front.

Go through it and you’ll be in a hostile area.

Head to Woodman’s office / Confront Woodman

Just through the door you’ll find:

  • MaxDoc Mk.1 inhaler
  • Rifle ammo
  • Katana (which can be either Uncommon or Epic depending on your luck

In a room to your left, you’ll find a guard looking at a computer screen. Sneak in and take him down, and grab the Knife (Epic) from the case.

Equip either the Katana or the Knife depending on what’s got the higher DPS.

Woodman’s office is at the back of this area.

Depending on whether you’ve fought or snuck your way in, Woodman will be holed up in his office ready for a fight, or relaxing with his feet up on the desk.

Ask Woodman about Evelyn

This step is only available if you snuck in, and regardless of what you say, will end in a fight.

Defeat Woodman

Even if you’re relying on your fists, you should be able to do this without much trouble (at least if you’re playing on Normal difficulty).

Woodman drops:

  • M251s Ajax Power Assault Rifle (Epic)
  • Rifle ammo
  • Bounce Back Mk.1 injector
  • F-GX Frag Grenade
  • Pistol ammo

Equip the M251s Ajax, as you’re going to be fighting your way out.

Get more info about Evelyn

Turn on Woodman’s computer and read the Broken Doll message.

Talk to Johnny

Leave Clouds

If you want to grab all the available shards, here’s a list of what to look for before you head out:

  • “Watson Whore” Diary (VIP Area)
  • The Foodie Guide to Night City (VIP Area)
  • Who is Lizzy Wizzy pretending to be? (VIP Area)
  • Schedule changes/incident report (Hostile Area)
  • Kendachi – New Spring Catalogue (Hostile Area)
  • Evelyn’s Schedule (Hostile Area)
  • Archived Conversation: Harry Flynt and Jeremy White (Hostile Area)
  • Supernova: The Unofficial Biography of Lizzy Wizzy (Downstairs)
  • NC Nightlife – Drinks, Dancing, Debauchery (Downstairs)

Collect your weapons from the locker

Take the elevator to the ground floor

Talk to Johnny (Optional)

Once you’re out of the elevator, you’ll get 1752 street cred and start the mission The Space In Between.

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