Cyberpunk 2077: Losing My Religion Side Job Guide

Where to find the Losing My Religion side job (and the Fenrir Iconic weapon):

Location: Watson, Northside

You’ll find a distraught Bhikkhu monk, who has had an unfortunate run in with some Maelstrom. He mentions his brother is still captive.

If you have 5 or higher Cool points at this stage, you get an additional dialog option “What’s in it for me?” – but this doesn’t change the outcome.

Before you head off on the rescue mission, grab the “Your God, Your Kiroshi” shard next to the monk.

Save the monk

As usual, you can go in all guns blazing or take the stealthy approach.

There are two ways to enter by stealth:

  • There is an door at the back of the facility that you can enter through, if you have 7 or higher Technical Ability
  • You can climb over the crates at the entrance

Defeat the gangoons

If you don’t kill any of the four gangoons, the monk will appreciate it. It’s simple to do with non-lethal takedowns, or if you have them, you can use the Pax mod on a weapon (which renders it non-lethal) or the Target Analysis Cyberware mod (which renders all your weapons non-lethal).

Talk to the monk

If you took the non-lethal approach, you’ll get this dialog from the monk:

From the bottom of my soul, thank you. I am especially grateful nobody was killed. May you continue on the path of peace. What compels these monsters is of no consequence. It is not up to us to judge what they deserve.

Otherwise, you’ll deal with an ungrateful monk.

Your rewards are:

  • 431 experience points
  • 970 street cred

Make sure you pick up the Fenrir, an Iconic Power Submachine Gun which deals thermal damage.

If you look around, you’ll also find three shards:

  • Caught in the Maelstrom
  • Tinnitus – Music(?) Review – An Attempt
  • Understanding Your Teen

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