Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Weapons (Complete List)

This list does not include iconic weapons which need to be crafted – check out our guide to crafting spec locations for those.

Iconic weapons include the crafting spec, so they can be crafted and upgraded.

Before you dig in, our advice is to not worry too much about collecting all of these unless you’re a neurotic completionist. The main advantage we found is that some of these iconics can drop at a significantly higher DPS than world drops at certain points in the game, like the Lizzie.


  • Power Revolver
  • Mission: We Gotta Live Together
  • Missable
  • Not available after end game

Cassidy’s mods improve this revolver’s handling and firepower, making it the most lethal revolver in the Wild West.


  • Tech Pistol
  • Mission: War Pigs
  • Only available if you picked the Corpo life path

Monitors its user’s vitals. When Health level is critical, fire rate, reload speed and damage are increased. Charged shots deal twice as much damage.


  • Power Revolver
  • Mission: A Like Supreme

Deals Electrical damage with a chance to apply Stun and has significantly reduced recoil. An angel of a weapon with a devil’s attitude.

Caretaker’s Spade

  • Hammer
  • Mission: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  • Found behind a rock immediately after dropping into Arasaka Tower
  • Missable
  • Available after end game

Resembles an ordinary shovel from a different dimension.


  • Tech Pistol
  • Mission: The Pickup
  • Missable
  • Must kill Royce during the negotiation.

Crit Chance, damage type and status-effect application are randomized after each reload. Good luck!

Cocktail Stick

Looks like a toy, cuts like a laser.


  • Two-Handed Club
  • Mission: The Space In Between

Electricaly charged and tippled with venom, it deals Electrical and Chemical damage. Small chance to apply Poison and/or shock.


  • Power Revolver
  • Mission: Following The River

Charging for a brief time while aiming enables full auto mode. Decreases recoil and bullet spread. Decreases fire rate.

Divided We Stand

  • Smart Assault Rifle
  • Mission: Stadium Love

A modified automatic targeting system allows the weapon to target up to five targets simultaneously. Bullets deal Chemical damage with a high chance to apply Poison.

Doom Doom

  • Power Revolver
  • Mission: Second Conflict (if you saved Dum Dum during The Pickup)
  • Missable

Fires 4 rounds per shot. Increases damage, rate of fire and the chance to dismember at the cost of increased recoil and bullet spread. Highly dangerous, highly messy.

Dying Night

  • Power Pistol
  • Mission: The Ripperdoc

Increases headshot damage by 50% and significantly reduces reload time.


Deals Thermal damage with an increased chance to apply Burn. Reduces bullet spread and increases bullet impact at the cost of higher recoil.


  • Smart Pistol
  • Mission: Play It Safe
  • Before you reach the second sniper, there is a door which requires 11 Technical Ability to open. Otherwise, use the code 2906 on the keypad near the door.
  • Genjiroh can also be found in Arasaka Estate. The nearest fast travel point is Kerry Eurodyne’s Residence.

Rounds per shot increased to 4. Increases magazine size, projectile speed and can target up to 6 targets simultaneously. Bullets deal additional Electrical damage with an increased chance to apply Shock.

Gold-Plated Baseball Bat

  • Two-Handed Club
  • Mission: Second Conflict

Infused with Denny’s rage. High chance to apply Bleeding. Low chance to apply Stun.


  • Katana
  • Mission: Play It Safe

Gain 100% Crit Chance while Kerenzikov is active. Last strike in a combo deals double damage. Doubles damage against enemies with twice your current Health.


  • Power Pistol
  • Mission: The Heist
  • Missable

Thanks to highest-grade mods, the user can take advantage of ricochet technology even if they do not possess the required cyberware. Reduced recoil and an increased rate of fire make up for the smaller magazine size. It’s as deadly as it is elegant.

La Chingona Dorada

  • Power Pistol
  • Mission: Heroes
  • Missable: you must choose a specific option during The Heist

Reduces reload time and adds an extra mod slot. Higher chance to apply Burn and Stun.


  • Tech Pistol
  • Mission: Automatic Love
  • Not missable: you can return to Lizzie’s Bar at any stage

Fires an extra round per shot. Increases the number of rounds fired per shot when fully charged.

Malorian Arms 3516

  • Power Pistol
  • Mission: Chippin’ In


  • Power Shotgun
  • Location: Judy’s apartment after Pyramid Song
  • Missable: you must not side with Maiko during Pisces

Suited for high reflexes. Low reload speed. Modded barrel reduces spread while aiming.


  • Power Sniper Rifle
  • Mission: Beat on the Brat: Arroyo

Adds explosive tips to weapon ammo.


  • Power Sniper Rifle
  • Mission: Riders On The Storm

Increases reload speed. Comes with a custom silencer.

Plan B

Bullets have a higher chance to apply Bleeding, but keep an eye on your wallet! Every shot costs you eddies.


  • Power Pistol
  • Mission: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
  • Available after end game

The pride of Rogue. Increases Crit Chance and headshot damage. Small chance to apply Stun.

Problem Solver

  • Power Submachine Gun
  • Mission: Riders On The Storm
  • Missable: dropped by one of the guards, so if you take a stealth approach you will not get it. It’s nothing special, so don’t worry too much.

Prototype Shingen: Mark V

  • Smart Submachine Gun
  • Mission: Gimme Danger
  • Not missable – you can return here after the mission.

Fires explosive rounds. The modified automated targeting system guides bullets to up to 3 targets while aiming. Perfect for when you’re outnumbered.


  • Power Assault Rifle
  • Mission: To Whom The Bell Tolls (Rogue ending)
  • Not available after end game

Fires piercing projectiles.


  • Katana
  • Mission: The Heist
  • Missable – you must go up to the AV landing pad before exiting the penthouse during The Heist

Reduces base damage, but incraeses Crit Damage significantly.


  • Katana
  • Mission: Big In Japan

Increases Electrical damage. While Sandevistan is active, increases Crit Chance by 50% and hits apply Bleeding.

Sir John Phallustiff

  • One-Handed Club
  • Mission: Venus In Furs
  • Missable – you must side with Militech during The Pickup
  • If you didn’t pick it up during Venus In Furs, you can go back to the No Tell Motel and get it. Go to the Kabuki: Central fast travel point in Kabuki, Watson. The No Tell Motel is directly in front of you. The room is on the ground floor, third door on the right.

Use as per instructions. Remember to get consent.


  • Smart Pistol
  • Location: Vista Del Ray subdistrict of Heywood


  • Knife
  • Mission: I’ll Fly Away

Deals additional Chemical damage with a moderate chance to apply Poison.

Tinker Bell

  • One-Handed Club
  • Mission: The Hunt
  • Missable – you must get this before you enter the barn during The Hunt. If you go back to the farm after the mission, the window is boarded up by police.

Deals less damage, but with a chance to knock out a target using a Strong Attack.


  • Katana
  • Mission: Pisces

Slightly increases Electrical damage and grants a small chance to apply Shock to the enemy. Non-standard attacks deal more damage.

Widow Maker

  • Tech Precision Rifle
  • Mission: Ghost Town

Nash’s rifle – looks like he won’t be needing it anymore. Fires two projectiles per shot and deals Chemical damage with an increased chance to apply Poison. Charged shots deal more damage.


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