Cyberpunk 2077: Kold Mirage mission / Epic System Reset quickhack

Location: Badlands

Nearest fast travel point: Medeski Fuel Station


  • Open the freezer
  • Talk to Johnny
  • Scan the freezer
  • Talk to Johnny
  • Take the deck
  • Go to the Afterlife and talk to Nix
  • Place the deck on Nix’s desk
  • Find a way to save Nix
  • Talk to Nix


  • If you didn’t pick up the Iconic Plan B pistol from Dex’s body earlier in the game, it’s right in front of the freezer
  • To save Nix, jack in to the terminal next to Nix
  • You’ll get the Epic System Reset quickhack from Rache Bartmoss’s deck, which is required to craft the Legendary System Reset quickhack from Spellbound

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