Cyberpunk 2077: Spellbound mission / Legendary System Reset quickhack

Location: Afterlife

Nearest fast travel point: Afterlife


  • Talk to Nix
  • Call R3n0
  • Go to the coordinates given by R3n0
  • Talk to R3n0
  • Collect the goods from the stash
  • Open the stash
  • Talk to Johnny
  • Take the Book of Spells
  • Open your Shards menu and decrypt the Book of Spells (optional)
  • Return to Nix


  • If you have 13 Intelligence, you can use an additional dialogue option “Tablet’s worth heaps more. You know it, I know it, which nets you €$16,000 instead of €$8,000
  • If you decrypt the Book of Spells, you get the crafting specs for the Legendary System Reset quickhack, which requires the Epic System Reset available from the Kold Mirage mission

The Spellbook shard reads:

BBS rumour mills actually churned out some truth – that Zetatech fort is a fucking Alcatraz: modified PitBulls at each entry port, SpeedTraps and SeeYa at access points. Soon as I step foot in their net, they set Flatline on my ass. Nice try, Zeta but a little Aardvark and Killer-VI combo meal did away with that. But for real, it wasn’t easy – my trusty Elysia was smoking like a flare gun by the end of it – but I got the job done. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself. I left a little note at the top of Zeta’s fortress where their logo used to be SPIDER MURPHY WAS HERE XD

Bartmoss unleashed DataKrash – whole Net’s falling apart before my very eyes. Data fusing together, fortresses melting like ice cream, 1’s and 0’s flooding the information highway. Global stock market’s losing it’s shit – Dow Jones dropped by hundreds in a single four. Kang Tao’s CEO committed suicide. NetWatch is running around like a headless chicken. HOLY FUCK! Say goodbye to the old order! Death to corps! WHOOOOP!!!!

Bartmoss was wrong. Everyone was wrong. The net was a mirror held up to our thoughts and dreams – our lives. Bartmoss took it and shattered it to pieces, thinking that that would be enough. But as it happens, you can still see your reflection in every shattered piece of glass. Now instead of one mirror, we have thousands of them.
Every corp, government, gang now has their own Net that they rule with an iron fist with no regulation, no accountability. Surveillance hasn’t disappeared. In the hands of those who govern us, it’s only gotten worse. They’re like modern-day Fates with optic cables of our lives wrapped around their chrome fingers, ready to be cut at a moment’s notice. They hear our frustrations, they look upon our futile rebellion and they laugh – they laugh so hard the whole world trembles at its very core.

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