Cyberpunk 2077: easy money exploit with the Space Oddity mission

One of our main complaints with Cyberpunk 2077 is the insane grind involved in levelling and making money. You can breeze through the main story before you’re even close to a “proper” build.

The achievement/trophy chasers out there will be feeling this even more – purchasing all the vehicles in the game to unlock the Autojock achievement will cost you north of €$1,700,000 eurodollars.

The Space Oddity mission is found in the Rancho Coronado area of Santo Domingo.

The mission is a walk in the park at level 21, but if you’re dedicated enough, you can get through it much earlier.

Start by talking to the bums. There’s multiple ways of scaring them into giving you the briefcase. One is available if you’re a streetkid, and another if you have 7 body points. Failing that, cough up some eddies.

If you have 11 intelligence points, you can hack the briefcase directly. If not, scan the body by the dumpster, grab the access shard and insert it into the briefcase.

Next step is to head to the drop point. There are 7 Militech employees you’ll need to take care of. Sniper rifles work a treat here. Once they’re done with, pick up the painting and head to a drop point.

The exploit we’re going to take advantage of involves:

1. selling the painting to the drop point
2. exiting the menu
3. walking away from the drop point
4. walking back to the drop point
5. buying the painting back for €$5 instead of €$4,000
6. repeating this until the drop point is out of eddies
7. skipping time for 24 hours to replenish the eddies in the drop point

This technique is tested and working on patch 1.05. We suggest you take advantage of it soon as it’s sure to be patched soon enough.

If you’re stuck, here’s a video:

While there is an item duplication glitch which supercharges this technique, we suggest you avoid it until CDPR has addressed the game-breaking save file size issue.

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